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"My child is well now!" said Margaret in a stifled voice.

A wild shriek from Margaret, and a smothered groan from Holgrave, interrupted the abbot. The judge turned silently away, and left the dungeon: and, as there was now no prisoner to confine, the door was left open after him..
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"Byles," interrupted Calverley, speaking rapidly, "you are poor鈥攜ou are in arrear with your rent; a distress will be levied, and then what will become of you鈥攐f your wife and the little one? Listen to me! I will give you money to keep a house over your head; and when I am steward, you shall have the first farm at my lord's disposal, if you will only aid me in my revenge! Revenge!" he repeated, vehemently鈥"but you hesitate鈥攜ou refuse."?
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Margaret raised her bright blue eyes, that had been as yet hidden by the long dark lashes, and the downcast lids; but, meeting the bold fixed gaze of the baron, they were instantly withdrawn, and the deep blush of one unaccustomed to the eyes of strangers, suffused her cheek and brow, and even her neck..

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"Ye may tell King Richard that the Commons will meet him; but mind ye, and tell him to have no lords, nor men of law, nor any of that brood of bishops with him, if he wishes them to wear their heads;鈥攎ind ye that, sir pursuivant."
There were no guests; a bright fire was blazing on the hearth, and the galleyman, throwing himself upon a bench in the chimney-corner, requested Hartwell, who was sitting on the opposite bench, to give him a jug of his best ale.
"And that dagger too, surly knave," said the smith. "How dare ye come here armed. Go to, thou art a knave!"
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